NY Fashion Week

BéMai Productions took the opportunity to go to the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week in New York City. We were working on the television show Fashion Gone Local (FGL) with Yoanna House, who is best known as the cycle 2 winner of America’s Next Top Model. FGL revealed the latest fashions and trends from the world of high fashion and it showed how they are integrated and inspired at the local level.

Once we landed in New York City, we got straight to work. The traffic was crazy, and it was backed up until we got to our hotel. Thank goodness for NYC taxi drivers, they are no joke! We got to our hotel in 20mins. Once we arrived, we got dressed, Yoanna was ready, and we went straight to our first location. There were so many showcases, displays of new products, and chances to interview the fantastic designers there. We saw products from Hard Candy to OPI nail polish; we saw clothes from Carmen Marc Valvo, and we even got a chance to interview Rebecca Taylor.

One person I’ll never forget is J. Alexander also known as Miss J. At first I didn’t recognize him, but once I realized that he was from America’s Next Top Model, I let Miss J get camera-ready. We interviewed him, and he gave us his opinion of all his likes and dislikes during Rebecca Taylor’s runway show. He chose his words very carefully, and this was when I learned to choose your words wisely and how it all comes into play.

I also learned that the Big Apple is also very small, I thought Time Square would be much bigger. This was where the ball drops every year on TV? I am too claustrophobic to ever want to visit during the New Year. I’m a southern baby, I like open spaces and a chance to move around as much as I please.

The experience in New York City was an eye-opener. We got a chance to experience the fast-paced world of television, fashion, paparazzi, celebrities, and the “fake it until you make it” type of people.  New Yorkers walk with confidence, they are who they are, and I love how no one cares about other people’s opinions. The streets are their runways, and it’s personalized to their own taste.