Love Yourself

As I am getting older, I reflector on my past. All I can say to my old self. I wish I have learned to love myself sooner. Self-loving is so important physical and mental. I was always loving and caring for others more than myself. I go out my way making others feel special. That I couldn’t do for myself. To the point, I delay my personal plan and career. Just keep those around me happy and at peace. Myself disappoint and sad, that I am not where or what I should. 

I have goals and I plan to meet them. This path is not easy to walk, but I will find my way. That is just life. It’s not easy, it not bubble gum, rainbow. It’s up and down with surprise. Good and bad. So dream hard, work hard, play hard cause it’s going be hard. That life. Do what makes you happy. Life too short, so stop wasting your time and love yourself.

Thank you, to my beauty team and photographer. You all were great at helping me get these pictures taken before the rain came. It’s Florida, it rains when it feels like it. This was an adventurous day for this photo shoot. Again thanks for everything, I couldn’t do it without you.    

Photographer: Charles Sutton  Designer: Mckynline Drummond   Make-Up Artist: Hillary Warren & Brad Shiers  Hair Colorist: Carlos Ramirez  Nail Tech: NgocAnh Nguyen  Hair Stylist: Sierra Siroky


Recently, I have taken part in a segment on the INTAKE Talk Show. Where I share the experience of my culture and western life, how it has affected me mentally. How I’m finding peace. “The talk show that takes mental health to another level by enlightening the world on societal and cultural norms and stigmas that affect the human psyche. The show addresses issues that most media outlets find taboo to discuss with real people experiencing real issues. Coming…”

With the ladies, I was completely an open book. My culture is a very high risk of suicidal. Getting mental help is very unspoken. The culture, itself is not big on talking about their feels. By not talking about feeling the relationships with the family is a blur or like co-worker then family. For example, you talk to your father and tell him you made A on the test. His reply is “ok” and nothing more. What most are looking for is the response, “Awesome! You study hard too. I’m so proud of you;” with a hug.

This practice of no emotions has been around for thousands of years. It’s not something can change overnight, still today these practices are continuing. Time has a change, the culture is not keeping up with the time. As things across the world are becoming western. There is a major cultural crash is happening.

Personal opinion, I want to say the Asian American has it the worst. Myself experience is a mental issue of living a double life. I drive myself crazy every day in this life. There are just so many voices telling me how, what, when, why run my life. Between the culture, the family, the community, I am left with very little room to speak. I am rebelling and I will continue the fight for my voice and others. That is just too scare say anything. Cause if there thousands committing suicide. I am not alone, that need help.

Filmmaker Bio

Mai Nguyen (MY NWIN) is mostly known for be producer within the community. She is a jack of all trades from producing, camera, lighting, to editing. Some her favorite things to do for productions is location scouting and floor layout for camera/lighting. She believes great communication with her crew and cast. When she is present or not on set, the crew/cast are clear in their position and job.

She enjoys every part of film pre-production, production and post-production. Her works are very diverse in culture and genre, from British, French, Spanish, Jamaican, Vietnamese, and else. To live events (wedding/ runway), horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy, drama, and else.

New York Fashion Week, maybe one the biggest highlight event for Mai. She met a lot great models and designers of fashion. Being present this event she ran into few A list celebrity. For being in charge interview the celebrity and designer after runway show. Like Rebecca Taylor show case of her collection. After interviewing Rebecca, she had opportunity meet Miss J.Alexander who gave honest and sweet opinion on Rebecca’s collection.

Mai feel she learn so much from every productions, this industry she feel you will never stop learning. As
technologies continue changing the possibility what filmmaker can do is unlimited. She hopes bring
WIFT her energy, show other this industry is more just putting a camera in front an actor. It’s planning,
scheduling, budgeting, marketing, and working your craft. Anyone can tell a story, but how to capture
the story is another. To creative you need great crew and cast, from there. Possibility. Unlimited.

Mama Ann’s Cooking

Growing up in a very diverse community, I have tasted and tried so many different foods. My family is Vietnamese and French, but the cuisine on daily is Vietnamese. Then Spanish spices were introduced into the family by marriage. We live in Florida USA, so add some southern styles and islands spices from friends. Mealtime at my place is truly a cultural experience.


When I was little, Sunday Supper was a big thing. Everyone would cook a dish and gather at my Mama’s house. She was the cook of the family, and she cooks with her emotions. You can tell when she is happy or sad just by eating her food, like the movie “Like Water for Chocolate.” So we tried to keep her happy. She is known for her Pho, Banh Xeo, Mi Quang Nam Vang, Bun Rieu, and Korean BBQ.

Sunday Supper is not the same anymore. We’re forgetting that family time is important because everyone is so busy with their lives. Culture and traditions are just slowly fading away. Anyone can buy dinner, but the best meals are the ones you make with your family.

I do my best to keep traditions going. We keep Sunday Supper alive at my house. It’s not all about cooking, it’s spending time with my Mama and catching up on gossip. Every time we cook, we both learn something new about the ingredients or a story behind the dish.

My Mama does most of the storytelling. She tells stories of when she was a little girl on the farm or the times she learned to cook something. We talk about how hard things were when she was young, and how having meat in a dish was rare. She can remember the days when she went hungry as a child, and she’s thankful to have plenty to eat now. She always says the most important ingredient in cooking is love.

Miami Spring Break

Where else better to be? Then Miami, itself for spring break. Miami is very diverse with mostly islander, like Jamaican, Haitian, Puerto Rican, and Cuban. The food from all the culture can keep you happy and full. Everywhere you go there fresh fruit of some kind, along with sugarcane. The beautiful weather of Miami, top everything off. The sun on your skin, the breeze your through your hair. The ocean smell draws you to South Beach. Where everything and everyone are sexy one way or another. South Beach, you mean Sexy Beach.

The point of being in Miami was to help, a friend who is basically family to me. With their baby who was modeling for clothes product. I had fun with the little girl, but she was so sleepy from the car ride over to location for shooting. This is where sleeping baby model came to the table. She is a beautiful baby; I look forward working with her more.  Before you know it, she is going be in Vogue or Fashion. One day. Soon.

When in Miami, I am always with my girl my cousin Negesti. I love her. We have the best of time together, as always. We be dipping and doing it. From party to bars to clubs, then IHOP. The moments we made and will be making. Good time. For this trip, I really needed to see Negesti again. I needed an escape from reality and relax. We had girls talk. Truthfully, I haven’t had lucks in a relationship.  Negesti remind me, find a gentleman. The right guy will come. Always I am a lady, every man crosses my path need understand that. Don’t give end cause temptation. Anyone can be sexual, but who really there for me. Every lady has a gentleman by her side.  Every gentleman has a lady by his side. The half and half, together that will be a whole one day. Until my gentleman come knocking on my door. I’m just enjoying life to the fullest. Life is too short.