BeMai Productions (Ba Mi) main focus is creating an environment to help businesses with their brand awareness. We focus on promoting businesses products and services to the world through videos, photos and websites.


In the year 2057, Colette Washington, a mafia queen leaves behind a letter for her granddaughter, Red. It explains how she started an organization crime ring called, “The Rose Order” in 2013, and how one murder made it all happen. While learning about her grandmother’s past, Red wonders if she’s watching The Rose Order fall apart, or if she’s part of its twisted evolution.


As a filmmaker, we drive for the best for motion pictures. At BeMai, we provide strong leadership, that research for the best crew and cast for every production. We understand the need in every department and how to connect that visually. The camera, lighting, setting, makeup, hair, and everything the audience see also heard. Create the tone for the motion pictures.


At BeMai, we understand that marketing can be a struggle. We work closely with clients to create a personal plan, to meet their needs. From creating context, social media platforms, branding, website, logo, and building awareness to product/service. We are here to help in many ways more than one and keep within budget

What clients say

I have had the pleasure of working with Mai and her production company for several years. She is well-organized and always brings positivity to each day on set. One thing that sets her apart is that she will always be dependable, on time and go above and beyond the required expectations. We have worked together with photo shoots, fashion shows, and on film sets and never loses her poise of professionalism.

McKynlie Drummond

What clients say

The attention to detail is phenomenal from photography to website design and everything in between to production of media, editing, concept design. Be Mai is my number one choice when I have production needs.  They listen and they deliver in a big way.

Kentrich Webb

KWebb Comedian

What clients say

Mai’s wealth of creative and business knowledge compliment her overall work ethic. I see Mai as a Renaissance Woman, there’s nothing she can’t do or find a way to do, resourceful is an understatement.

Omari Sewell

Filmmaker, Podcaster, Co-Creator of Stark Natives

What clients say

Mai and all her team are very professional and goes the extra mile to make sure their job is done perfectly. Their time management is impeccable even when we have last minute requests to add on additional marketing tasks.

Bernie & Melina Chan

Co3 Vietaco

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